Who wants a Sharp Mind?

The answer is…everyone.

Who doesn’t want to improve their thinking, analytical and memory skills?

A Sharp Mind is based on good cognitive function, which refers to core mental processes that allow us to control our thinking, feelings, and action and are associated with the brain’s frontal and parietal lobes.

Here is a short quiz about cognitive function. Answer each as true or false.

  1. Good cognitive function predicts better learning of information
  2. Reduced cognitive function is associated with being less able to maintain healthy behaviors, even if one intends to be more healthy
  3. Good cognitive function is associated with job performance and success in complex careers
  4. Depletion of cognitive function makes people less able to stay on task and more likely to succumb to temptations
  5. Good cognitive function helps with controlling one’s emotions
  6. Cognitive function can be improved
  7. Playing computer brain games is the best way to improve cognitive function

All of the above statements, except for #7, are true. A Sharp Mind is fundamental to choosing what one wants out of life, coming up with ways for pursuing those outcomes, and dealing with the challenges likely to be encountered in chasing those goals.

Improving and obtaining the Sharpest Mind possible is thus an essential part of any personal strategy for getting things done in our lives and doing them well. But where do you start?

For some people, sharpening one’s mind might involve setting aside time for doing more reading, sudoku, playing computer games, or taking up a new hobby. These activities can help depending on whether they are novel, challenging, and not repetitive. But good cognitive function depends on actively managing the various behaviors and life experiences that are the foundation of the Sharp Mind — Life’s EcoSystem.

There isn’t a magic bullet that gets you to improved cognitive function and a sharper mind — a holistic approach is required, which is what we do at SharpMind Solutions.