Our Vita=Mind product is a true digital assessment and coaching product designed for convenience, privacy, and security. As such, it starts with a detailed assessment, not only of your current cognitive function (Mind), but in particular the current state of your Life EcoSystem (Vita), which includes: Social-relational Wellbeing, Mental Engagement, Physical Exercise, Sleep Quality, Nutrition, & Life Stress. These six foundations of the Life EcoSystem have been scientifically shown to be consistent predictors of good cognitive function.

After answering a series of questions and responding to assessments and scientifically validated tools, our sophisticated algorithms will evaluate your responses to provide insights as to how you compare to others in general and also as a function of factors such as age, gender, and occupation. In addition, Vita=Mind will identify which of the six foundations of mental sharpness can most likely be improved and also provide recommendations within each of the 6 foundations. We will also get you up to speed on the science of the Sharp Mind.

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If you’re interested in learning about your current cognitive function and the current strength of each foundation of the Sharp Mind, then try the premium assessment. You can do the assessment all at once or a section or two at a time. If you choose to do it all at once, prepare to devote 30 – 40 minutes without distractions and minimal interruptions.

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1 As with any assessment, the greater the amount of time devoted to getting assessed, the more reliable the results will be for the sample.