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A Sharp Mind Matters for Productivity and Stability at Work

Whether you are a white collar worker or a blue collar worker, we want all employees to show up to work fully focused on the organization’s goals and motivated to execute. A sharp mind is critical for employee abilities to confront challenges at work, problem-solve, and in helping them complete objectives to fulfill organizational goals. But three factors can get in the way.

First, although we have amazing brains that give us the potential to learn almost anything, to problem-solve, and to be creative, our brains also have severe information processing limitations. The second factor is that we live in a modern, complex world that is only becoming more overloaded with information, distractions, and obligations. As some neuroscientists have suggested, our brains have not changed much in many thousands of years, but our lives have continued to get ever more complex. The third factor is that each of our employees possesses a personal Life EcoSystem—a set of behaviors and life experiences that is critical for mental sharpness. But many of our employees do not understand their Life Ecosystems well, especially the different elements, how they can interact, and how they influence one’s mental capacities.

Assessing one’s cognitive capacities is important, which SharpMind Solutions allows subscribers to do. But getting to know one’s Life Eco-System, learning how to manage it, and working to optimize it is in our view the only sustainable way to increase and maintain one’s mental sharpness. Click here to start creating a mentally sharper and more resilient workforce.