Our Mission and Philosophy

At SharpMind solutions our mission is to help make people’s brains more fit, minds sharper, and decisions wiser. We do this by helping people fit the different pieces of their lives together so they can think better.

Computer games are fun, but life is complex and challenging. For us, taming this complexity requires a holistic approach to gaining and maintaining a sharp mind.

Our Approach: The Life EcoSystem

An ecosystem usually refers to a set of interacting members of a community, such as plants, animals, in addition to environmental conditions. The system will not flourish or may break down if a piece undergoes change or removal. Remove CO2 from the air, for example, and the plants may not create enough energy to survive, which then affects the animals that rely on the plants.

A Sharp Mind is critical for how well one is doing at life, but it relies on what we call the Life EcoSystem. That is, a sharp mind depends on several behaviors and life experiences. Six core factors help to make up this Life EcoSystem, each having been shown to be a significant predictor of mental sharpness and brain fitness. They are: