Sharpmind Solutions

Sharpmind Solutions is a company that focuses on helping individuals better assess their cognitive functioning…which is a fancy way of saying their mental sharpness as defined by the capacities to concentrate one’s attention, remember what one should be concentrating and focusing on, and effectively keep distractions at arm’s length.

We offer a product that can assess your current cognitive skills and compare you to a peer group representing your age, gender and other factors. Just as important, we also evaluate six other areas of your health/life that impact cognitive functioning and provide suggestions on ways to improve your overall mental skill set based on these six factors.

It’s fun, easy and richly rewarding and can help you enjoy a more productive, resilient, and integrated life.

Benefits include:

  • Better knowledge of what impacts brain and mental functions
  • Knowing how your cognitive skills are working compared to other people of your age and gender
  • Suggested changes that can improve your cognitive functioning
  • Increased awareness of how your cognitive function is part of an integrated life system

We are designed to help the ultimate consumer and there are four ways to access our service. These are listed below. If your
employer, health-plan, or wellness provider does not provide access to SharpMind Solutions, you can always use your credit card in our secure environment to access the product yourself.

It is safe and secure and protected by HIPAA laws. No one will have access to your individual results but you.